Wound Care Services

Our caring and experienced staff has extensive product use and brand knowledge and work closely with your medical staff to deliver quality, cost effective products that yield results.

We provide monthly rounds and in-services to help train and advise your staff on the most advanced wound care techniques.

wound care software

Our wound care management platform is a leader in its industry.

It manages patient scheduling, tracks and records wound progress, and provides on demand bench-marking and outcome reports, based on wound progression.

With our advanced tablet technology that we include with our service your staff has immediate access to our experts and education on demand.

Wound Care advantage

Our new wound care advantage subscription program allows us handle all of your residents wound care needs and a fixed resident cost.

Forget having to store product and worry about servicing new residents wounds in a timely fashion.

With our program we handle all of your wounds within all of your residents.


increase your patient care while reducing cost

With Curitec we take assignment on all of your Medicare patients and provide them with the most advanced wound care products while saving your organization in wound related cost.

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We will discuss your current wound care expenditures and how we can increase your patient care while reducing your overall wound care expenditures.


why are you not working with us already

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