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Curitec is the leading provider of US Wound Care Education and Products.

Our Offering

Variety of High Quality Products

We are able to access a wide array of products to meet the specific needs of residents.

​​ ​•Work with most major manufacturers 

•Facilitate appropriate use of dressings over a 30 day period

 •Supply Medicare covered dressings 

•Bill the resident’s insurance directly through Medicare Part B, Medicaid, HMO’s and other primary payers 

•Curitec accepts full assignment for wound care products provided 

•Verify insurance prior to providing products to your residents


Clinical care starts with proper education and training. By partnering with Curitec, staff is trained to meet the CMS DME POS supplier standards. ​

•Provide clinical, regulatory and documentation education to facility staff related to wound care products 

•Provide ongoing education tailored to each facility’s needs 

•Offer education to facilitate proper product utilization consistent with product directions for use  

•Trusted education advisor for each facility

Clinical Expertise

Wound issues in long term care facilities are cited for deficiencies by state surveyors. By working with Curitec, our Clinical Specialists can share industry best-practice with your staff. ​

•Facilitate proper product utilization consistent with product directions for use 

•Healthcare providers with expertise in wound care work closely with your staff 

•Help decrease state infractions related to wound care issues​ 

•​Less paperwork for your staff means more time for resident care 

•Proprietary tracking software provides essential Medicare documentation


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